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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Baby Quilt Photo

Here is a picture of the finished baby quilt - or at least one-half of it. The top is folded and placed on my (rather cluttered) cutting table so that I could take a quick photo. It came from a kit, and it's not my personal choice of colours (never did like pastels) - but it is pretty, and I'm sure the baby will like it.


Char said...

OK..thanks for the baby quilt pictures...I think pastels is always a good choice for a baby. If you knew it was a boy, you could have made one in bright colors....don't you love color??? I do..

pwl said...

I like pastels in quilts - and especially in this one, although for some reason I've never been a fan of baby fabric in general. But I do enjoy seeing bright colours in baby quilts - whether for a boy or a girl. Perhaps its because my own personal preference is for bright colours and jeweltones. One of my favourite artists is James Christensen, and I'd love to see one of his pictures as a wallhanging.

(You can see much of his work through Greenwich Workshop.)