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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wednesday WIPs

Well, the biggest one is the cleanup/organization of my sewing studio. But since there's nothing much to show yet, I thought I'd share a picture of three other WIPs.

Actually, there are four WIPs in this picture.

Gimli is lying on an in-progress cat blanket, and on another throw for my friend (totally forgot I had the yarn to make it). Just to the bottom right of the photo (that little bit of red that you can see) is the yarn for another cat blanket which has just been started (when Gimli was lying on the first one). The fourth WIP is in the plastic bag on the top left - it's an amigurami bunny which was started well before I received my diagnosis.

Technically speaking, these are all UFOs - and one day maybe I'll actually list them here. On the other hand - maybe not.

What are you working on?

Friday, 23 August 2013

Joining in the "Sewing Room Cleanup Along"

For a while, I was posting pictures of what was on my cutting table ever Wednesday. And for an even longer while, I've been absent from blogging.

So, I found this Sewing Room Cleanup Along on a blog that I follow. I mentioned it to my husband (darling man!) and he suggested that I join in. There's nothing like incentive, eh?

So, here's the BEFORE picture of one of the corners of my "sewing studio" in the basement. It has basically become the catch-all room for everything that hasn't got a home elsewhere in the house. You can see what I'm up against.

I'll post more pictures as I go. I believe the Cleanup Along runs for two weeks - so - PLEASE - join in. Come on and share my misery!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A couple of finishes

Several years ago, I was at the Creativ Festival with a friend. She picked up some, um, interesting yarn at the Mary Maxim booth, and asked me if I could do anything with it. Silly me - I said, "I can crochet anything." Well, that was a mistake.

This was eyelash yarn - with no give whatsoever. I tried making a six-sided throw, but that required me to put stitches into stitches. And I couldn't find/see the stitches. So the project sat in a bag for a long time.

After my cancer surgery, I knew that I would have some time on my hands during recovery. And I kept seeing that bag in my sewing studio (we'll call it that for now) with the unfinished project. I decided that, come hell or high water, I was going to finish it. But what to do when I couldn't make out the individual stitches? It dawned on me that I had to make something where I was putting stitches into spaces. Aha! A big granny square.

Unraveling my previous work was almost as much fun as trying to crochet with the yarn in the first place, but I managed. And I crocheted a big granny square.

This week, I also finished my radiation treatments (to reduce the likelihood of the cancer recurring). So we took my friend out to celebrate, and I gave her the completed throw.

It's not a masterpiece, but as they say, done is better than perfect!

Happy crafting!