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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Some WIPs, Some Cuttings...

Today I'll show you a little bit of what I'm working on.

Those little multicoloured blocks at the top are some four patches that I'm unsewing - not happy with how they came together at the centre.

Just below is the beginning of some sashing strips I'm cutting for the pattern on the left - Scotch Blocks. I found it here. (It was originally developed as a scrappy quilt - so it was a natural for me. :)

On the right we have three incredibly scrappy strips that will find their way into a small quilt for an animal shelter. Some of the fabrics are reclaimed from other sources. (Again - totally a natural for me.)

In my previous post, I showed some of my cutting implements. Those lovely gold handled scissors are Ginghers. I'd read the hype - and now I understand. They cut through seams like cutting through butter!

Do you have a favourite cutting implement?

Happy quilting!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Wednesday + Two

Okay, it's not Wednesday, but it IS my cutting table. LOL

Sunday, 11 October 2009

So What Will I Do Next?

I've been looking around for a simple pattern with some of the shirt fabric that I have (thank you to my friends for giving me their old shirts!). I've seen a few patterns with plaids on line, but nothing that really spoke to me. Then we made a visit to my favourite quilt shop, Sew Sisters, and I saw the Chip n Dip pattern. Now this is something I think I can do.

Mind you, I still have to go through a mountain of fabric on my cutting table. :-(

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.