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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Gracie Update, Darn Cold

So Gracie made it in to the vet this morning, and had her chest x-rays. The poor little thing has some fluid in the front lobe of her lungs - so she's started on a bronchiodilator - half a pill, twice a day. I'm so glad I have a piller for cats - she took the first one with no trouble at all. She and I will also get to share meds - I'm on a low dose aspirin for my blood pressure etc etc - and she can have one every 4 days to act as a blood thinner. Then she's back in for a recheck on Valentine's Day (how appropriate!).

The darn cold is still hanging on. I thought I was getting better, but you can't tell by my voice. Oh well - it's only a cold. It will go away eventually.

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Catherine said...

I'm so glad Gracie is okay. Lester gets a low-dose Aspirin every 3 days, along with his other meds, and we always give him a little bit of water right after. They say that helps.
Hope you're feeling better soon! When I saw your post title, I thought you were talking about this horrible cold weather!