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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

It's That Time Again

So, what's on my cutting table today?

Strictly speaking, this isn't. As a matter of fact, it was on my ironing board, and it's another snuggle for the animal shelter.

And neither were these - three more snuggles - but of course you guessed that.

So, the real answer is "way too much!" And this is what it looks like:

Some of it is fabric supplied by a friend of mine who finds all sorts of wonderful things at yard sales and thrift sales. It's being cut into 3-1/2" squares and 2" squares (which play rather nicely together) - to be sewn into yet another small quilt top.

I hope you're having a wonderful quilty day!


Diva Quilts said...

Ooh! What an interesting combo!

Catherine said...

Your cutting table looks SO tidy! The snuggles are such a great idea!

I hope you weren't affected by that storm Thursday!!