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Thursday, 8 July 2010

A Small Finish

You might think, in reading my blog, that I rarely ever finish anything. And perhaps you might be right. However, once in a while something gets completed, and even makes it out of the door to a new home.

This is my completion for June.

It's a small blanket for donation to either my vet or a local animal shelter. It's only a small gesture, but we have personal experience to know that they can be appreciated.

On June 7, we said goodbye to George - our oldest male cat - almost 17 years of age. He had a tumour in his face, and we looked after him and comforted him as long as we could, until it was finally his time to go.

My husband took him to the vet to see if we could help him in some way to keep him with us - but he was beginning to be in distress with the tumour.  To keep him comfortable while he received his final needle, the vet brought out a crocheted blanket just like this one - so that he wouldn't have to lie just on the metal table. In fact, it was a blanket I had crocheted before, and given to the vet's office.

We were glad for this small kindness for George, and happy that there was a small blanket like this that he could lie on at the end.

If you have an overflowing scrap basket, or extra yarn, why not consider making a small blanket to donate. It may comfort an animal in distress - and if the animal is one of the lucky ones - it may even accompany them home to their forever home.


Cathi said...

Reading this, I had tears in my eyes. It's so hard when that decision has to be made. Your vet sounds like a real keeper. What a wonderful gesture.

Raggy said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. I know what you must be feeling like as we lost our lovely dog two months ago. I agree with Cathi, it was such a lovely gesture to lay him on a rug. Hope to see you soon in the UK at the fairs. I hope you received my email with the dates.