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Thursday, 10 July 2014

July 10 Update

Yes, I'm still slowly whittling away at the problems in my sewing room. And yes, I'm making slow progress.

The fame is moved to the end of the room, and DH is going to level it in the new location. He had to go out and buy a brand new level for this, as the bubble had disappeared from his old one. Oh well. At least he had an excuse to go to Canadian Tire. LOL

I'm still decluttering and sorting, but at least my cabinets have been unearthed excavated. Now to pull everything out, and then put everything back in again.

Here's a shot of what I'm facing:

The problem with these shelves is that they are small pantries. This means that they don't take "normal" sized baskets. So some creativity will be required. I'm also sorting out some of the fabric that I've purchased and been gifted. This will take some time. Hopefully in the meantime I can get back to some sewing so that I'll see a bit of progress in that area too.

More to come!

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Shay said...

Do you have Ikea there ? They make awesome clear storage boxes called Samla for about 5 dollars each (including lids ) I use these to store all my fabric in my non standard shelving unit. They;re brilliant!