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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Some WIPs, Some Cuttings...

Today I'll show you a little bit of what I'm working on.

Those little multicoloured blocks at the top are some four patches that I'm unsewing - not happy with how they came together at the centre.

Just below is the beginning of some sashing strips I'm cutting for the pattern on the left - Scotch Blocks. I found it here. (It was originally developed as a scrappy quilt - so it was a natural for me. :)

On the right we have three incredibly scrappy strips that will find their way into a small quilt for an animal shelter. Some of the fabrics are reclaimed from other sources. (Again - totally a natural for me.)

In my previous post, I showed some of my cutting implements. Those lovely gold handled scissors are Ginghers. I'd read the hype - and now I understand. They cut through seams like cutting through butter!

Do you have a favourite cutting implement?

Happy quilting!


Cathi said...

Your cutting table looks so organized!!

Betweens said...

looks like a creator at work!! unsewing is not favorite!!
I love my 60mm rotary cutter I use it all the time for mini's as well as the large pieces.. second is my little hand scissors that open automatically..they are so ergonomic..have the name at the tip of my tongue..oh Fiskers.. for applique