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Sunday, 11 October 2009

So What Will I Do Next?

I've been looking around for a simple pattern with some of the shirt fabric that I have (thank you to my friends for giving me their old shirts!). I've seen a few patterns with plaids on line, but nothing that really spoke to me. Then we made a visit to my favourite quilt shop, Sew Sisters, and I saw the Chip n Dip pattern. Now this is something I think I can do.

Mind you, I still have to go through a mountain of fabric on my cutting table. :-(

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.


Cathi said...

My favourite shop too!! Do you do any applique? I've seen an adorable applique block -- a simple basket -- that would be awesome in plaids!
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Nanci said...

My friend suggested a flying geese quilt to use up my shirting fabric that I have.
It's the right size too!

pennyquilts said...

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving wknd, even though it was much colder than last year.

I shop a lot - too much! - at Sew Sisters. But I couldn't find the chip n dip pattern you mentioned.

Plaids can be fun to work with - but I find I need to use starch or something especially on any bias edges - or a simple fusible shape on solids might be an idea.

ladydi said...

Do I know of a book for you! It's called "Strips & Strings" and has a quilt called Plaid Obsession on page 21. If you want to see it made up, the amazing Julie at made it beautifully - that's how I found out about the book. :>}

ladydi said...

p.s. you have to scroll down a bit, she's made a few things since finishing her plaid quilt!