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Monday, 23 February 2009

An Easy Decision

It's interesting how easy decisions can become when you actually stop and look at your resources. For instance - I found the fabric that I had purchased a year or more ago for a "Three Little Kittens" quilt for my grandniece. It's a Darcy Ashton applique pattern - you can see a picture of it here. I pulled out the pattern book and dutifully started cutting the background on which I would applique the kittens, their mittens, etc, etc. And it quickly became obvious to me that I *hate* the background fabric. I like the fabric that I chose for the kittens - but just not for the kittens themselves. So this is a project that isn't going to get started for a while. I'll have to head back to the quilt shop.

Which leads me to ask - have you ever felt pressured by time, circumstances, or whatever, to buy fabrics for a project (maybe because that's all the shop had to choose from) that you later regretted?


Lise said...

Oh have I felt the same way,,,when we lived in northern manitoba, not much choice to pick from..and did I make some foolish booboos too...turned out ok,but not spectacular,,,your not alone.

Catherine said...

I think we've all been there!! Put that fabric away -- use it for a backing or cut up in small pieces for something else and find something you do like. There's nothing worse than working with a fabric you dislike.