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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Snuggles, Piecing

It has been too long since I posted last, and I *have* to catch up. Two lovely people have tagged me, and more about that next time.

I finished a second snuggle (mini quilt top) for the local cat shelter, and I've got a picture of my finished crocheted snuggle from January (my first finished WISP of the year). Yes, I'm REALLY behind. Having a cold and the flu will do that, I'm afraid.

Anway, here's the finished snuggle:

And here's the second mini quilt top - before my attempt at stippling on my quilt frame with the new stitch regulator attached:

As you can see - nothing fancy - and totally scrappy.

I'll post a photo of the finished mini quilt once it's squared up and bound.

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