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Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I'm curious. Is it called a "stash" because sometimes we hide it in unlikely places? It's amazing what I can find when I do some reorganizing.


Catherine said...

You mean that isn't what ovens are meant for? LOL

Tammy said...

I love my stashes! The problem is it has gotten to big. Now it is overflowing from my huge craft emporium closet into my grown up daughter's closet! Sometimes I have to buy new fabric only to find out that I had what I needed buried deep in the stash.

My first stash was stored in a child's playpen. My hubby was delighted when I gave up the playpen, little did he know my new stash is three times the size of that playpen. I also stash fabric in plastic pillow and comforter zippered bags. This works well because I can see that stash.

My stash is not limited to fabric as I have an abundance of thread, wool (I knit), patterns and one dozen sewing machines. I will need to live to be 100 to finish all the projects I have in my head and use up that thread.

ladydi said...

Ah, yes, the stash storage problem! Don't we all have our "good" stash, not to be confused with all those others? And once you start looking through it all, much of it gets upgraded to "good" because of the marvelous possibilities it offers. Shelves, boxes, bags. I would love to have two or more file cabinets just for fabric. The green drawer, the two blue drawers :>}, the black drawer, the pink drawer, etc. I would waste a lot less time searching that way. ;0)