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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Wednesday Again

It's September - where on earth did the summer go?

So - what's on my cutting table? A pile of fabric - mostly fat quarters. And I can't show you this time - on the off chance that someone else in the swap will see my blog before the swap actually takes place.

I've been in a bit of a slump lately. I don't feel inspired to start anything new or different, and I've been putting off cutting the fabric for the current swap - just in case I don't do it right. (Yes, I know - that's not a good excuse.) Maybe working on these squares will get me going again.

On a brighter note - George seems to have recovered from his illness. He's back to asking to be picked up, and begging for treats. Dufus got ill shortly afterwards. We're suspecting a recurrence of a corona virus for both of them. But he's back to normal too - so for the moment - the furbabies all seem well. And a purring cat is a cure for just about anything.

Happy quilting!

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Catherine said...

Sometimes I find going through quilt books and magazines really helps when I hit a slump. Not necessarily because of a specific pattern, but colour combinations or a design idea will inspire me to try something. Glad the furbabies are okay!