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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

What's on my Clutter Table?

My friend Penny showed off her Cutting Table earlier this week - so I decided I might as well be brave and show the true state of mine today. LOL

So, what is all that clutter? Well, it's some fabric I'm sorting, and some frogging to be done, and a pattern I'm following for a wedding quilt.

And for those Trekkers out there - yes, that's Quark's head you see sticking up at the back. It's a bank. I'm saving my pennies for my dream sewing room. And it's going to take a LONG time. :)

So - what's on your cutting table today?


Diva Quilts said...

Gosh, mine looks a bit like that right now too. You're very brave to show it! ;)

I never noticed your slideshow feature before. Is that new?

Catherine said...

Mine, too. In fact, a bit worse. I am not brave enough to show it! :-)

pennyquilts said...

Wow, Peggy! Thanks for showing that picture - foruntately, my studio is small enough that I can't leave a big pile like that - I can make 'em, but I have to clean them up :(

Betweens said...

I keep moving things from one place to the next to work. but I feel much better..When creating I will see this starting to happen and then when project is mostly complete and I want to start a new on they get put I don't cut into something I need for something else

ale balanzario said...

Hola Peggy, thanks so much for your nice comment in my blog, yes the little black bird is in a Pumking Patch,
Wow, your cutting table looks like mine most of the times, its good to know as quilters, we are most the same.

CitricSugar said...

Gotta love a quilter who's not afraid to show her geek side! Too lazy to set up the cutting table these days but on the cutting "floor" is a bit of foam core and laundry!

Good luck with the projects!