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Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday WIP

Today's photo is some of the small pieces I sewed yesterday, and a scrap of fabric which has since been cut into 3-1/2" squares to alternate between the small 4 patches.

I probably have thousands of these 2" squares. Once upon a time I thought of making a postage stamp quilt, but my accuracy right now just isn't up to that. On the other hand, if I keep practicing, it should improve - right? I have no idea where the scrap came from. I have a friend who picks up fabric for me at yard sales, etc, and it may have come from her. Or it may have been from any one of a number of scrap bags I've picked up from various quilt stores.

Have I mentioned I'm addicted to scraps?

1 comment:

pennyquilts said...

Have you seen Bonnie Hunter's site,
she has lots of great ideas and patterns for those little squares you have - the patterns are listed on the right hand sidebar