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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Quilt Fever, New Books

We had a lovely day - picking up Quilting at the Cottage and then heading out to Sew Sisters and after that Quilt Fever in Etobicoke.

Not only did I pick up Liberated Quiltmaking II, but also this lovely book: Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts. There are some amazing quilts in here, and I've decided I want to make one of them.

So - I have a question for all you quilters out there - what is shirting? I know it's supposed to be fabric used to make shirts, but that's too simple. How would I recognize it in my stash, or anywhere else for that matter?

As for Quilt Fever - I forgot my camera, but Quilting at the Cottage brought hers - so I expect to see some more pretty pictures on her blog soon. I managed to restrain myself in the Merchants' Mall - only bought two scrap bags, and some thread. (Well, maybe a lot of thread. LOL)


Cathi said...

Shirting prints -- here's a link to some examples.
There are lots of them around and they make great neutrals, especially with reproduction prints.

Judy said...

Hi Peggi - it was great to see you. Davey says thanks a lot to Ken for the lucky loonie - he was pretty excited about it./