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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A Win

This cute fabric and lovely card were the result of a contest on Scott Hansen's blog, Blue Nickel Studios. He had a caption contest, which can be found here. He liked my suggestion, so I won one of the two second prizes.

Aren't these great fabrics? Now to think of the perfect project for them. Hmmmm.....

Speaking of projects - I'm now looking for my next one. I've finished a small quilt top for donation to an animal shelter (after sandwiching, quilting, etc.) but I want to try something different now. I've got some lovely scrappy patterns in mind, and I've started pulling some fabric for one of them. I'll keep you posted.

1 comment:

Nanci said...

I went shopping at Fabricland Ajax today as it was the beginning of the members sale. Lots of good stuff. But since I am awaiting (with baited breath) fabrics from the Green Fairy Shop, I didn't want to go nuts.
I even ordered a pattern to see if I could follow it.
You won something? I have no luck in those draws and don't know why I even enter...we should meet for coffee soon.